Brand Naming

Let me guess – you’re trying to dream up a brand name from thin air and struggling? 

We’ve seen it countless times! Naming a business, product or service is a very difficult process.

You are trying to encapsulate a myriad of themes, benefits, stories and attributes all into one, or few, words. Not only does a name have to be ‘catchy & cool’ but more importantly it needs a connection with the audience; it needs to be ownable and memorable; it needs to trademark-able; it needs to be functional; it needs to be speakable; it needs to tell your story.

How do we know when we’ve got your brand name right? Because of a smile.

A smile because the name resonates deep within you and you intuitively know that that word, that name, belongs to you. It is yours. And now you have the delight and pride of having that represent you and every facet of your business.

You’ll glow when you say it. Staff with beam when they announce it at a BBQ.

So what’s in a name? Well everything really.

We’ve got a tried and true process for delivering amazing names. In fact we’ve been internationally recognised and been awarded for our naming work with clients. It’s a process that dives in to the inner workings of your business and delivers naming options that a not only strategically sound, but functional and ‘loveable’ as well.

$4,000 (recommended)

This is our standard package. To do it properly and give you a name that will perfectly encapsulate your brand, this is the best process to follow.

1. Online/in-person workshop

2. Brand definition

3. Brand positioning

4. Naming routes

5. 3 rounds of revisions

6. NZ Companies Office, Legal and domain checks


This option is for those with a tight budget. It’s much harder to name a business well without a good clear brand definition. But this will still deliver good names.

1. Online information form

2. Naming routes

3. 1 round of revisions

4. Simple domain check

Our Guarantee

We will keep working with you to deliver a name that you love. If we can’t deliver – we’ll refund your money. Simple as that.

Examples of our brand naming

The key to naming your business

Naming your business

A video introducing brand naming.


Re-naming a medical company.

SEQA Images


Naming a new cyber security company.


Naming an accountancy advisory.

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